Candle Wax Bars

All about the Scentsy scented wax bars.

What does Scentsy use to create the scents?

Scentsy uses high quality essential oils in their Scentsy bars. That’s what the “authentic” in Scentsy is all about!

Why isn’t my Scentsy wax melting?

Did you recently replace the bulb with a store-bought one? Make sure you matched the wattage exactly!! (25 watt for Full-Size, 20 watt for Mid-Size an...[Read More]

How hot does the wax get when warmed?

The wax will get to just above body temperature, so it won’t burn or harm anyone.

How long do Scentsy wax bars last?

An entire Scentsy bar lasts, on average, 80 hours. However some fragrances last longer, some shorter. It depends on the strength of the fragrance. Per...[Read More]

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