Removing Scentsy Wax

This tells you how to remove Scentsy wax from several places around the house.

What do I if Scentsy wax went down the drain?

Always try to keep Scentsy wax from being poured down a drain!  If it happens to go down the drain, pour boiling water down the drain and continue to ...[Read More]

How do I get Scentsy wax off of the walls?

To clean Scentsy wax off of walls, hold a paper towel or a paper bag over the mess, then use a hair dryer to heat it (be careful to not burn your hand...[Read More]

How do I clean Scentsy wax out of my carpet or off my walls?

Accidents happen! To clean Scentsy out of carpet, furniture, walls and more, simply set your iron to warm, put a paper towel or paper bag over the mes...[Read More]

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