Mandarin Toffee Treat

Mandarin Toffee Treat Scentsy Review

Mandarin Toffee Treat Scent Power:  💗💗💗💗 out of 4 – Extremely Strong
How does Scentsy think up these scents? I never would have thought to combine citrus and toffee, but here it is! This has the classic smell of toffee—sweet, toasted, caramel-y, decadent—combined with a twist of citrus peel. It’s a wonderful mix that really captures the feeling of the holidays. The only issue I have with the scent is that if you leave it in the warmer, your whole house ends up smelling like toffee. Maybe that’s a plus for you, if you love the scent of toffee, but after a while I wanted something different! Otherwise, this is a lovely scent!

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