Scentsy Faqs

Removing Scentsy Wax (3)

How do I clean Scentsy wax out of my carpet or off my walls?

Accidents happen! To clean Scentsy out of carpet, furniture, walls and more, simply set your iron to warm, put a paper towel or paper bag over the mess and iron over the top. The iron will warm the wax which will then absorb into the paper. You can also try the same method using a hair dryer in place of the iron.

How do I get Scentsy wax off of the walls?

To clean Scentsy wax off of walls, hold a paper towel or a paper bag over the mess, then use a hair dryer to heat it (be careful to not burn your hand!). The hair dryer will warm the wax which will then absorb into the paper.

What do I if Scentsy wax went down the drain?

Always try to keep Scentsy wax from being poured down a drain!  If it happens to go down the drain, pour boiling water down the drain and continue to flush the drain with the hottest water you can for at least 5 minutes.  If backup continues, contact your local plumber.

Replacement Parts (2)

Which light bulb goes with which warmer?

The smallest Nightlight warmers (the ones that plug into the wall) require 15-watt Scentsy light bulbs which you can buy HERE. Mid-size warmers require a 20-watt Scentsy light bulb which you can buy HERE. Full-size warmers require a 25-watt Scentsy light bulb which you can buy HERE. View all bulbs and accessories here.

Where do I buy replacement Scentsy light bulbs?

You can buy them at your local hardware store (I don’t recommend this method because they tend to not work as well, however if you do decide to make sure the wattage matches exactly!) or you can buy them directly through me.

Warmers (3)

How long can I leave my Scentsy warmer on?

As long as you feel comfortable leaving it on. Think of it as a lamp, I leave mine on all day at work and all evening when I get home.

Does the Scentsy warmer come with a light bulb?

Yes, all warmers include a light bulb with purchase.

How do I clean the wax out of the Scentsy warmer?

While the wax is warmed and melted (liquid form), pour it back into its original container if there is scent left. To discard it, pour melted wax into a lined garbage can (I usually try to pour it over paper towels. Next, wipe the warmer dish out with a paper towel. In some warmers you can carefully pry the cold, solid wax out of the warmer with a butter knife. Please use CAUTION to not harm yourself or damage the warmer!

Candle Wax Bars (4)

What does Scentsy use to create the scents?

Scentsy uses high quality essential oils in their Scentsy bars. That’s what the “authentic” in Scentsy is all about!

Why isn’t my Scentsy wax melting?

Did you recently replace the bulb with a store-bought one? Make sure you matched the wattage exactly!! (25 watt for Full-Size, 20 watt for Mid-Size and 15 watt for Night Light). It’s been my experience that store bought bulbs don’t work as well as the Scentsy brand ones. Purchase Scentsy bulbs here!

How hot does the wax get when warmed?

The wax will get to just above body temperature, so it won’t burn or harm anyone.

How long do Scentsy wax bars last?

An entire Scentsy bar lasts, on average, 80 hours. However some fragrances last longer, some shorter. It depends on the strength of the fragrance. Personally, I’ve found I get about 8–16 hours out of one Scentsy cube.

Scentsy Home Products (1)

It looks like there’s nothing in my Travel Tin?

Travel Tins are filled with a very thin layer of clear solid-like gel. The Travel Tins don’t give off a lot of fragrance because they are meant for small places like purses and gym bags.

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