Gingerbread Donut

Scentsy Gingerbread Donut Scent Review

Gingerbread Donut Scent Power:  💗💗💗 out of 4 – Nice and Strong
Holy. Cow. What could possibly be a better Fall treat than gingerbread and donuts?? Scentsy has nailed the scent of baked goods. It’s not just a gingerbread spice scent (though there’s lots of that going on!), there’s also this perfect aroma of decadent baked goods. What it really reminds me of is the gingerbread loaf slice from Starbucks. You know the one! With thick cream cheese frosting and little bits of sugared ginger on top. Mmmmmm. This definitely has more of a cake-y smell than a cookie smell. If you love gingerbread and bakery scents, you’ll love it!

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