Painted Leaves

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Painted Leaves Scent Power:  💗💗 out of 4 – Light but Noticeable
When I read the name on this scent, I immediately thought it would be a scent similar to Autumn Sunset or Autumn Stroll–like a very earthy scent with a hint of cinnamon. Instead this scent is really similar to another favorite of mine, Spiced Grapefruit! Scentsy is very descriptive of all the tree aromas that are in here, such as “blue spruce, red maple and golden woods”. I do get a base-level woodsy aroma, which is then peppered with a spiced (think clove, not cinnamon) grapefruit layer. When warmed, the woodsy-ness definitely comes out more. It’s a beautiful scent, one that brings to mind a peaceful scene of hiking through trees in late fall.

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