Sea Salt & Avocado

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Sea Salt & Avocado Scent Power:  💗💗 out of 4 – Light but Noticeable
Being Californian, I loooovvveee me some avos! Especially with a little salt and lime. MM!! I’m not quite sure what I was expecting, because avocados have a particular smell that you don’t really want filling up your house. This is almost a juicy smell, very lightly citrusy. Scentsy says that it’s Valencia orange and it’s very nice and subdued. There’s a hint of creamy avocado and then just the smallest bit of saltiness. Together it makes for a scent that is very spa-like and relaxing. This would be perfect in bathrooms or anytime you need a spa getaway! Just use a bit more of it so that you can actually smell it.

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