Vanilla Oud

Scentsy Vanilla Oud Review

Vanilla Oud Scent Power:  💗💗 out of 4 – Light but Noticeable
Oud, or agarwood, is a fragrant dark resin from the heartwood of aquilaria trees that grow in South Eastern Asia and the Pacific Islands. The true scent is described as being woody with “shades of vanilla, musk and amber”. And that’s what this scent smells like! The vanilla is very faint, mostly this is a musky woodsy scent hints of amber and vanilla. Scentsy describes it as having a leather scent to it, but I don’t smell that at all. If you remember the Scentsy scent Vanilla Suede, or if you’re a fan of Bath and Body Works Twilight Woods, this is a very similar scent to those.

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