Quiet Grove

Scent Power: 2 out of 4 - Light but Noticeable  || As serene and mysterious as the early morning woods. Quiet Grove is a woodsy scent with a slight floral hint to it. It's warm and comforting, like a cozy blanket. But at the same time, it's also slightly seductive with hints of amber and bergamot. It's a very lovely scent and perfect for quiet evenings and reflective moments. Continue reading &ra...[Read More]

Vanilla Oud

Scent Power: 2 out of 4 - Light but Noticeable || Oud, or agarwood, is a fragrant dark resin from the heartwood of aquilaria trees that grow in South Eastern Asia and the Pacific Islands. The true scent is described as being woody with "shades of vanilla, musk and amber". And that's what this scent smells like! The vanilla is very faint, mostly this is a musky woodsy scent hints of amber and van...[Read More]

Cashmere Pear

Scent Power:  2 out of 4 - Light but Noticeable || The softness of cashmere meets the gentle sweetness of pear! This is a very warm, comforting scent. Scentsy describes it as having white amber, Madagascar vanilla, silky pear and warm red ginger. I definitely get the amber, vanilla and pear. I think the ginger is an "accent" scent that gives it a tiny bit of spice. You don't really smell the ind...[Read More]

Mandarin Grapefruit Amber

One of my most favorite scents that Scentsy has ever created is Spiced Grapefruit and I think, when I saw "grapefruit" in a Fall & Winter lineup, my mind immediately hoped it would be like that. It's not though, it's entirely different. First off, this is a romantic scent--actually it was formally known as No. 36 in the Scentsy body products. What stands out the strongest is the amber, it's a warm...[Read More]

Forever Yours

This is one of my TOP FAVORITE scents ever!!! This scent lives up to its romantic name!! This is a warm and dreamy aroma - night blooming jasmine mixed with sandalwood. Scentsy describes sweet, creamy lemon - and this is definitely creamy - but in a romantic, amber-y sort of way. I don't smell even a hint of lemon in this, so I have no idea what they're referring to. Overall, it's a great scent an...[Read More]

Ivy & Water Lily

Wowzas this is one romantic scent! Fresh jasmine mixes perfectly with sensual amber and a hint of musk for beautiful, floral scent! I swear I also smell some freesia in there. It smells so much like an expensive perfume! I wish it was a Layers scent! So why is it called "Ivy & Water Lily"?  I HAVE NO IDEA! Ha! But don't let the name throw you, this is a extremely lovely scent! Continue reading &ra...[Read More]

Sweet Amber & Freesia

This is a very subtle scent that combines fresh clean florals, rich amber, and a slight peppery zing. The result should be a somewhat-flirty-somewhat-romantic scent, but it is so light! I think this one might work well in bathrooms though! Continue reading →

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