Summer Soleil

Imagine the most blissful tropical vacation with soft mangoes and luscious pineapple warming in the sun. Add to that creamy coconut milk and you have Summer Soleil. In French, soleil means "the sun" and it's so perfect for this scent! Beach and tropical scent lovers will be in LOVE! Continue reading →

Coconut Cotton

Imagine the most serene beach, somewhere tropical and warm, without a care in the world, and wearing the softest cotton shirt that flutters in the soft breeze. That is this scent! Not at all like laundry, just a soft, mellow, relaxing coconut smell that is not at all overpowering. And not too sweet either! The coconut part is almost indistinguishable, but I think it's what keeps this scent so fres...[Read More]

Pacific Daydream

Warm sand, salty beach mist with the slightest tropical breeze of coconut and banana. This is a very nice, relaxing scent BUT it is incredibly light! Don't think of this as a powerhouse beach scent like Ocean (very popular but newly discontinued scent) or By the Sea. This is a much more understated aroma that is warmer and saltier than most. Continue reading →

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