Pretty & Plum

Scent Power: 3 out of 4 - Nice and Strong || If you remember the scent Sweet Plum Pastry or even Raspberry Danish or Berry Tart, this is extremely similar. This is a bakery type scent of rich plums in a very flakey crust. It definitely smells like you've been baking all day! This one has less of a crust aroma than the previous scents. Instead, there's a slight scent of coconut cream that gives it ...[Read More]

Lemon Thyme Berry

Bright lemons perfectly compliment juicy berries in this super summery scent! This is a very classic, wonderful scent. Perfect for gifts because it has that "universally liked" kind of smell. The thyme part doesn't show up strongly, it's really subdued. Overall a very nice, clean, fruity smell! Continue reading →

Cotton Candy Cookie

I've never heard of a Cotton Candy Cookie, but that is exactly what this smells like! Relive your best memories of being at the county fair; carrying a sugary, berry cotton candy in one hand and a delicious sugar cookie in the other. The combination sounds odd in theory, but the actual smell is good - berry mixed with baked goods. I think I like this better because it's not too sweet or overpoweri...[Read More]

Black Raspberry Vanilla

Scent Power: 3 out of 4 - Nice and Strong || This one smells just like it's title says - succulent berries, softened by vanilla. It's one of those scents that everyone seems to like. I had it warming at a house party and everyone loved it! If you need a great one for gifts - this is one definite recommendation! UPDATE: This was the scent that my work picked - above any other scent - to have goin...[Read More]

Wild Redberry & Sweet Melon

Redberries - or as they are more commonly called, lingonberries - are tiny, tart little bursts of rich juicy flavor. Combined with the sweetness of a honeydew melon and a rich amber, this is an unexpected and delightful holiday scent!! To be honest, I have no idea *how* it smells like the holidays, but it does! I guess it's that rich berry mixed with amber? Who knows, but it's GOOD! Continue readi...[Read More]

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