Mandarin Toffee Treat

Scent Power: 4 out of 4 - Extremely Strong || How does Scentsy think up these scents? I never would have thought to combine citrus and toffee, but here it is! This has the classic smell of toffee—sweet, toasted, caramel-y, decadent—combined with a twist of citrus peel. It's a wonderful mix that really captures the feeling of the holidays. The only issue I have with the scent is that if you leave ...[Read More]

Orange Clove Pomander

Scent Power: 3 out of 4 - Nice and Strong || If you've never made or seen an orange clove pomander, they are full oranges that have cloves pressed into the rind in various patterns. You can hang them in closets or other areas for a beautiful and wonderfully smelling ornament. Scentsy captures that ornament aroma  perfectly in this scent! It's orange-y and spicy and perfectly balanced. I love that...[Read More]

Amazon Rain

Scent Power: 1 out of 4 - Way too Light || This is such a light scent. There's a very faint aroma of greenery along with some very light citrus, like lemon lime. Other than that, it's just too light to be able to pick out any scents.  I really wish it was more of what Scentsy describes it as because the description is lovely! Continue reading →

Citrus Rosemary

Scent Power: 1 out of 4 - Way too Light || This would potentially be a lovely scent if it weren't so light! It lives perfectly up to its name, with bright juicy citrus and earthy rosemary. It's wonderful when you get right up on it, but unfortunately it takes going right up to your warmer to really smell it. Continue reading →

Citrus Pop

With a name like Citrus Pop, you'd expect an overwhelming orange-y lemon smell, or maybe even something like orange soda. But it's actually a really nice smell, like juicy mandarins with a hint of cotton candy. It's not too sweet though, it's the perfect level of sweetness. Scentsy describes it as having orange blossom and I believe that's where it gets the sweetness from. It's different from scen...[Read More]

Starfruit & Pear Nectar

Totally not what I was expecting! I expected a fruity aroma but this is a lot more than that! There's a certain fruit scent to it, definitely citrus - Scentsy calls it "Tangelo". This subtly tart citrus scent is wrapped in a blanket of sensual perfume. There's a warmness to the scent, and it's very romantic. I really like this fragrance, I just have no idea why it's called Starfruit & Pear Nectar!...[Read More]

Blue Grotto

Scent Power: 2 out of 4 - Light but Noticeable || I wish that this scent was just a little more! The name reminds me so much of Ariel's Grotto (restaurant at Disneyland) - and I want it to be reminiscent of that! What's in this aroma is mostly sour yet sweet citrus, like lemon and grapefruit, and a slight hint of floral but I can't put my finger on exactly what it is. The floral adds some balance ...[Read More]

Bright & Cheery

This scent is 1 part crazy, 1 part fun! When I first heard Bright & Cheery, I thought that this would be more of a summery floral scent. When I started warming it up, I smelled pineapple, a hint of coconut and some maraschino cherry. Then I read the description that Scentsy gives: "creamy-sweet lemon, sugarcane and shea butter". And it smells like that too!! This is an ever-evolving scent of summe...[Read More]

Summer Sunshine

Warm and slightly tropical, this scent brings to mind summer mornings when the sun begins to rise and the air fills with a scent that lets you know it will be a hot day. From the name, I expected this to be a much brighter scent, but instead it's a bit darker. It's a very nice scent though! Full of coconut and a slight citrus-y musk. Continue reading →

Give Me Passionflower

Like walking into a lush, tropical garden! This somewhat reminds me of the Tiki Tiki Room at Disneyland! Fragrant tropical flowers mix wonderfully with passion fruit and ripe pineapple. The scent has a really good scent throw - not overpowering! Continue reading →

Sunkissed Citrus

I'm walking on sunshine!! That's what this scent brings memories of. Imagine a bright sunny day, sippin' some Florida orange juice and just enjoying the warm sun. Sunkissed Citrus is a bright and happy citrus scent - not at all overpowering or overwhelming, just all around feel good! Continue reading →

Just Breathe

Scent Power: 3 out of 4 - Nice and Strong || Looking for that "spotlessly clean house" smell? This is it! Very clean smelling with a distinct citrus aroma. I turned it on one day and my guy thought I had cleaned. Bonus! Continue reading →

Sparkling Black Plum

Another plum scent for all the plum lovers out there! Probably my favorite out of all the plum scents for 2016. This one is dark, rich fruit combined with an equally rich citrus scent and finished with the slightest hint of vanilla. Continue reading →

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