Like that smell that hangs in the air right after a giant storm, when the earth is wet and aromatic. Thunderstorm is a very crisp, clean smell that is also a bit floraly. To me it smells like lilies in the rain. I really like this scent and I try to warm it up on rainy days. This would also probably be a good scent in bathrooms. Continue reading →

Give Me Passionflower

Like walking into a lush, tropical garden! This somewhat reminds me of the Tiki Tiki Room at Disneyland! Fragrant tropical flowers mix wonderfully with passion fruit and ripe pineapple. The scent has a really good scent throw - not overpowering! Continue reading →

Stay Awhile

Stay Awhile is a very clean scent, where a soft woody smell combines with a gentle floral aroma. Scentsy mentions Atlantic sea berry, hyacinth, black currant and teakwood. The teakwood and currant give the scent an almost heavy feel to it, and the sea berry gives it the clean aspect. I think I would like the scent more if it wasn't so powerful. Continue reading →

Just Breathe

Scent Power: 3 out of 4 - Nice and Strong || Looking for that "spotlessly clean house" smell? This is it! Very clean smelling with a distinct citrus aroma. I turned it on one day and my guy thought I had cleaned. Bonus! Continue reading →

Clean Breeze

Scent Power: 4 out of 4 - Extremely Strong || Clean Breeze is the straight up, unmistakable smell of freshly cleaned laundry. There's nothing else to it, just nice clean clothes! I've found that this is really good as a Scent Circle in my garage (where my washer/dryer and my dogs hang out). I use the Scent Circle to cover up the dog smell and it really works! It's a bit powerful though so I've f...[Read More]

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