Luna is one of those Scentsy scents that burns slightly different than what you smell in the package - but it's a good thing! When you smell it in the package, it has a clean-ish sort of smell to it but when you burn it, it opens up. Warm sandalwood, very very soft jasmine florals and just a tiny hint of berry (almost undetectable). This is a really great smell for bathrooms and quiet, tender even...[Read More]

Honeymoon Hideaway

Scent Power: 2 out of 4 - Light but Noticeable || Like your own romantic getaway to a secluded island, Honeymoon Hideaway is a soft tropical and floral scent that almost seems like a blend of Scentsy's Satin Sheets (retired) and Beach scents. The coconut and kiwi that Scentsy mentions are in the scent are very light but still noticeable. It's mixed with a delicate floral aroma for a definite rom...[Read More]

Mariposa Lily

This is a very odd scent. In the container, it smells true to it's name with graceful florals and the unmistakable, slightly rubbery, smell of lilies. When you warm it up though, it smells like a salon... but not in a good just-conditioned-my-hair way. It's a lot like that chemically scent that hangs in the air while you're dying your hair. Not good! Scentsy describes this scent as having "sugar a...[Read More]

Ivy & Water Lily

Wowzas this is one romantic scent! Fresh jasmine mixes perfectly with sensual amber and a hint of musk for beautiful, floral scent! I swear I also smell some freesia in there. It smells so much like an expensive perfume! I wish it was a Layers scent! So why is it called "Ivy & Water Lily"?  I HAVE NO IDEA! Ha! But don't let the name throw you, this is a extremely lovely scent! Continue reading &ra...[Read More]

Flor de Mariposa

Flor de Mariposa, or Butterfly Flower if you're in Cuba, is an incredibly romantic, floral, beautiful aroma! This scent starts with lush night-blooming jasmine and a hint of gardenia. Then there's a touch of grapefruit that is very light, but just enough to add some delicious depth. I wish that this was a body fragrance because it smells AH-MAZE-ING! Continue reading →

Flower Child

Flirty and fun! If you loved the smell Flirtatious, you will LOVE this scent! Pretty pink florals merge with romantic sandalwood. Scentsy mentions gardenia and berries but I don't really get much of that. Super fun though! Love it! Continue reading →

Sweet Amber & Freesia

This is a very subtle scent that combines fresh clean florals, rich amber, and a slight peppery zing. The result should be a somewhat-flirty-somewhat-romantic scent, but it is so light! I think this one might work well in bathrooms though! Continue reading →

You’re My Buttercup

A very cheery scent to brighten up any dark and cold winter day. Buttercup is a beautifully sweet, warm floral scent that's all sunshine! Really nice in bathrooms! Continue reading →

Lucky in Love

Florals, spices and a slight hint of orange mix together in a scent that is somewhat similar to Victoria Secret's Love Spell scent. It doesn't do it for me at all, the "spice" (bergamot is what Scentsy says) is a little too much or the florals are a bit bizarre, but there are MANY people that like it so I would definitely give it a smell and see if you like it - particularly if you like Love Spell...[Read More]

Lush Gardenia

Smells almost like the real thing! If you've never smelled a gardenia, it's unlike any other flower - very sweet and unique. Although it smells very real, after a while I don't care for it much, hence the "it's ok" rating. It's a little on the overwhelming side, unfortunately. You might be able to remedy this by putting in less cubes though! Continue reading →

Lilacs & Violets

I can see why this is a Scentsy favorite - it's one of my favorites too! It's such a beautiful perfect blend of floral scents. It's relaxing and inviting, and good for anytime of the year! Definitely make sure you don't miss this one! Continue reading →

Forest Wildflowers

Imagine taking a walk through a bright forest in the springtime - with large fields of flowers and fragrant plants surrounding you! The flowers and plants include rich lavender, spicy vetiver, and earthy sage. Scentsy also mentions neroli (Wikipedia describes it as an essential oil produced from the blossom of the bitter orange tree with sweet, honeyed and spicy aroma). This scent is delightfully ...[Read More]

Sweet Pea & Vanilla

From the moment I dropped in the cube, I knew I was going to love this one! It has a very soft floral-y and faintly sweet, almost candy-like, smell that is absolutely delightful. If you like the Sweet Pea scent at Bath and Body Works, you are going to love this one! Continue reading →

French Lavender

Scent Power:  3 out of 4 - Nice and Strong || I LOVE LAVENDER!!! If you do too, you will probably love this scent! It is slightly different than the normal lavender smell you're probably used to, but it's very very good. I buy the Room Spray and spritz my bed with it before I go to sleep - it's sooo relaxing!! Such a treat!! Continue reading →

Coconut Vanilla Orchid

Normally you would think of having coconut smells during the Spring and Summer, but this Coconut is less of the tropical beach type and more of a creamy coconut milk. It's blended with dark blood orange and a hint of floral (do orchids even smell that much?). It's a subtly romantic scent, good for bedrooms and possibly bathrooms as well. Continue reading →

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