Flor de Mariposa

Flor de Mariposa, or Butterfly Flower if you're in Cuba, is an incredibly romantic, floral, beautiful aroma! This scent starts with lush night-blooming jasmine and a hint of gardenia. Then there's a touch of grapefruit that is very light, but just enough to add some delicious depth. I wish that this was a body fragrance because it smells AH-MAZE-ING! Continue reading →

Lush Gardenia

Smells almost like the real thing! If you've never smelled a gardenia, it's unlike any other flower - very sweet and unique. Although it smells very real, after a while I don't care for it much, hence the "it's ok" rating. It's a little on the overwhelming side, unfortunately. You might be able to remedy this by putting in less cubes though! Continue reading →

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