Gingerbread Donut

Scent Power:  3 out of 4 - Nice and Strong || Holy. Cow. What could possibly be a better Fall treat than gingerbread and donuts?? Scentsy has nailed the scent of baked goods. It's not just a gingerbread spice scent (though there's lots of that going on!), there's also this perfect aroma of decadent baked goods. What it really reminds me of is the gingerbread loaf slice from Starbucks. You know...[Read More]

Cashmere Pear

Scent Power:  2 out of 4 - Light but Noticeable || The softness of cashmere meets the gentle sweetness of pear! This is a very warm, comforting scent. Scentsy describes it as having white amber, Madagascar vanilla, silky pear and warm red ginger. I definitely get the amber, vanilla and pear. I think the ginger is an "accent" scent that gives it a tiny bit of spice. You don't really smell the ind...[Read More]

Frosted Ginger Cookie

Yesssss!!!! I'm so glad this one is back!! It's just like when Grandma bakes!! Sweet molasses, warm ginger and a hint of lemon, this absolutely smells like your favorite cookie, sprinkled on top with sugar. It says frosted which suggests that there's some kind of vanilla but I don't get much of that. If anything, the vanilla tones the ginger down a bit, but it's not very distinctive. This scent ha...[Read More]

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