Hawaiian Paradise

I'm not so sure about paradise here. This scent is a mix of mainly pineapples and mangoes, but it's blended in such a way that it's not entirely appealing. Maybe it's the banana smell? I'm not sure what's throwing it off. It's definitely tropical but I feel like Havana Cabana or Pineapple Sorbet are much better. Continue reading →

Summer Soleil

Imagine the most blissful tropical vacation with soft mangoes and luscious pineapple warming in the sun. Add to that creamy coconut milk and you have Summer Soleil. In French, soleil means "the sun" and it's so perfect for this scent! Beach and tropical scent lovers will be in LOVE! Continue reading →

Kahiko Hula

For a while, there were so many different tropical scents, it was hard to keep track of which one smelled like what! Scentsy has simplified a bit and Kahiko remains as one of them. Imagine fresh ripe mangos hanging off of a tree in Hawaii, gently warmed by the sun and you can imagine what this smells like. I personally prefer Havana Cabana, but if you like mangos, you will love this! Continue read...[Read More]

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