Hug in a Mug

Scent Power:  3 out of 4 - Nice and Strong Memories of cold nights, wrapped in a blanket with your loved one, sipping on delicious frothy cocoa. Or maybe it's ice skating with friends and taking a break to get one of those hot chocolates with a giant tower of whip cream on it. Maybe it's the sweet treat at the cabin after a long day of skiing. Whatever fond memories you have of drinking cocoa, th...[Read More]

Bonfire Beach

Scent Power: 2 out of 4 - Light but Noticeable || I want to like this one, I really do. When you get right up on it, you can smell marshmallows roasting over a smoky campfire, salty wind and warm sand. But the scent is soooo light! In the air, it's almost not detectable. I think this would be amazing in small spaces, like bathroom, or for those who like their scents not so strong. I'm going to try...[Read More]

Marshmallow Mint

Every year at Christmas, my Aunt makes Grasshopper Pie for our family party. This is almost exactly what it smells like! Cool mint is wrapped in a creamy marshmallow and the faintest scent of Oreo cookie crust. I like the scent, but not enough to have this warming up all day. Continue reading →

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