Hawaiian Paradise

I'm not so sure about paradise here. This scent is a mix of mainly pineapples and mangoes, but it's blended in such a way that it's not entirely appealing. Maybe it's the banana smell? I'm not sure what's throwing it off. It's definitely tropical but I feel like Havana Cabana or Pineapple Sorbet are much better. Continue reading →

Pineapple Sorbet

Pineapple lovers and Dole Whip lovers rejoice! This one's for you!!! Imagine hot days on a tropical beach or at your favorite theme park. Perfect weather, soft breeze...the perfect time for a delicious treat! Super sweet pineapple is mixed with just a hint of dreamy vanilla for a scent that brings back amazing summer memories. The difference between this and Havana Cabana is that Pineapple Sorbet ...[Read More]

Bright & Cheery

This scent is 1 part crazy, 1 part fun! When I first heard Bright & Cheery, I thought that this would be more of a summery floral scent. When I started warming it up, I smelled pineapple, a hint of coconut and some maraschino cherry. Then I read the description that Scentsy gives: "creamy-sweet lemon, sugarcane and shea butter". And it smells like that too!! This is an ever-evolving scent of summe...[Read More]

Summer Soleil

Imagine the most blissful tropical vacation with soft mangoes and luscious pineapple warming in the sun. Add to that creamy coconut milk and you have Summer Soleil. In French, soleil means "the sun" and it's so perfect for this scent! Beach and tropical scent lovers will be in LOVE! Continue reading →

Havana Cabana

One of my TOP favorites for summer, Havana Cabana is the ultimate tropical vacation! Juicy pineapple mixes with citrus and other fruits and creates a super delicious aroma. Love getting poolside drinks at a tropical resort? This scent can take you there!! Continue reading →

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