Summer Holiday

Despite the super fun name, this is a very odd scent. It's incredibly light and you can barely smell it! What I can smell is a comforting scent, with a hint of musk or powder. There's also a touch of floral like lavender and an ever-so-slight hint of... campfire?? I really wish this was closer in smell to what Scentsy describes it as! Continue reading →

Newborn Nursery

My rating is a little bit unfair, and here's why: you either love this sort of scent or you hate it. This scent is specifically targeted at anyone who yearns for the classic baby powder smell. Whether you enjoy it for nostalgic reasons or if you're using it to cover up the smell of dirty diapers, the aroma is exactly what you expect it to be and won't disappoint! Personally, I am not at all a fan ...[Read More]

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