Cider Mill

Scent Power: 3 out of 4 - Nice and Strong || This scent is - in one word - PERFECT. It is the ultimate fall fragrance!!! Rich apple cider, warm pumpkin and pleasant autumn spices all swirl around to create one of the *best* scents that Scentsy has put out. The spice level is perfect - not too cinnamon-y, just enough to be amazing, the sweetness level is perfect, it's not too apple-y or too pumpk...[Read More]

Farmstand Pumpkin

Scent Power: 3 out of 4 - Nice and Strong || THIS IS IT!!! You know the smell. It's the one you've been wanting for ages. It's that smell that comes once a year, as the weather gets colder and the leaves turn orange. And walk into Bath & Body Works or Yankee Candle, or one of those "good smelly stores" and it's this intoxicating mix of pumpkin, cinnamon, and everything that is amazing about fall...[Read More]

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