Quiet Grove

Scent Power: 2 out of 4 - Light but Noticeable  || As serene and mysterious as the early morning woods. Quiet Grove is a woodsy scent with a slight floral hint to it. It's warm and comforting, like a cozy blanket. But at the same time, it's also slightly seductive with hints of amber and bergamot. It's a very lovely scent and perfect for quiet evenings and reflective moments. Continue reading &ra...[Read More]

Satin Sheets

Satin Sheets is a scent that everyone seems to really like, but it's just ok to me. There's a deep sandalwood fragrance - a rich, woodsy, and slightly powdery aroma - that is softened by vanilla and rounded out with just a touch of chocolate. Definitely romantic - a good scent to put you in a lovey dovey mood! Continue reading →


Luna is one of those Scentsy scents that burns slightly different than what you smell in the package - but it's a good thing! When you smell it in the package, it has a clean-ish sort of smell to it but when you burn it, it opens up. Warm sandalwood, very very soft jasmine florals and just a tiny hint of berry (almost undetectable). This is a really great smell for bathrooms and quiet, tender even...[Read More]

Sheer Woods

Cool crisp morning, misty green forest, bundled up in your softest cashmere sweater, hand in hand with your love. That’s the kind of feeling that Sheer Woods evokes! This is a comforting, romantic scent with its rich warm sandalwood, earthy white birch and just a hint of forest floral. I’m not sure why it’s a Spring & Summer scent, it feels more like a Fall & Winter scent. But in any event, it’s a...[Read More]

Forever Yours

This is one of my TOP FAVORITE scents ever!!! This scent lives up to its romantic name!! This is a warm and dreamy aroma - night blooming jasmine mixed with sandalwood. Scentsy describes sweet, creamy lemon - and this is definitely creamy - but in a romantic, amber-y sort of way. I don't smell even a hint of lemon in this, so I have no idea what they're referring to. Overall, it's a great scent an...[Read More]

Flower Child

Flirty and fun! If you loved the smell Flirtatious, you will LOVE this scent! Pretty pink florals merge with romantic sandalwood. Scentsy mentions gardenia and berries but I don't really get much of that. Super fun though! Love it! Continue reading →

Crisp Orchard Air

Perfect for getting into the Fall season! This scent has the elements you expect - crisp apples, warm cinnamon and earthy sandalwood - but it's blended in such a way that it's not as powerfully Fall-like as Autumn Sunset or as deeply earthy as Autumn Stroll. This is wonderfully balanced right in-between! Continue reading →

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