Cotton Candy Cookie

I've never heard of a Cotton Candy Cookie, but that is exactly what this smells like! Relive your best memories of being at the county fair; carrying a sugary, berry cotton candy in one hand and a delicious sugar cookie in the other. The combination sounds odd in theory, but the actual smell is good - berry mixed with baked goods. I think I like this better because it's not too sweet or overpoweri...[Read More]

Lush Gardenia

Smells almost like the real thing! If you've never smelled a gardenia, it's unlike any other flower - very sweet and unique. Although it smells very real, after a while I don't care for it much, hence the "it's ok" rating. It's a little on the overwhelming side, unfortunately. You might be able to remedy this by putting in less cubes though! Continue reading →

Lemon Verbena

Lemon Verbena is a flowering plant with a very strong, lemony smell. The aroma is amazing and intense. Scentsy's Lemon Verbena doesn't disappoint! It's a very powerful citrus, tart lemony aroma that I think smells wonderful! The only problem with this scent is that it is SUPER powerful - almost headache-inducing (which is hard to do to me - I like powerful scents). If you love strong scents, this ...[Read More]

Forest Wildflowers

Imagine taking a walk through a bright forest in the springtime - with large fields of flowers and fragrant plants surrounding you! The flowers and plants include rich lavender, spicy vetiver, and earthy sage. Scentsy also mentions neroli (Wikipedia describes it as an essential oil produced from the blossom of the bitter orange tree with sweet, honeyed and spicy aroma). This scent is delightfully ...[Read More]

Stay Awhile

Stay Awhile is a very clean scent, where a soft woody smell combines with a gentle floral aroma. Scentsy mentions Atlantic sea berry, hyacinth, black currant and teakwood. The teakwood and currant give the scent an almost heavy feel to it, and the sea berry gives it the clean aspect. I think I would like the scent more if it wasn't so powerful. Continue reading →

Perfectly Pomegranate

Just like the fruit itself, Perfectly Pomegranate is INTENSE! This scent is very very fruity, very sweet, and seems to be almost entirely a pomegranate aroma with just a bit of strawberry for sweetness. If you love pomegranate, this one might be perfect for you! It's a little too powerful and pomegranate-y for me. Continue reading →

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