Cotton Candy Cookie

I've never heard of a Cotton Candy Cookie, but that is exactly what this smells like! Relive your best memories of being at the county fair; carrying a sugary, berry cotton candy in one hand and a delicious sugar cookie in the other. The combination sounds odd in theory, but the actual smell is good - berry mixed with baked goods. I think I like this better because it's not too sweet or overpoweri...[Read More]

Bright & Cheery

This scent is 1 part crazy, 1 part fun! When I first heard Bright & Cheery, I thought that this would be more of a summery floral scent. When I started warming it up, I smelled pineapple, a hint of coconut and some maraschino cherry. Then I read the description that Scentsy gives: "creamy-sweet lemon, sugarcane and shea butter". And it smells like that too!! This is an ever-evolving scent of summe...[Read More]

Jumpin’ Jelly Bean

Ever walked by those Jelly Belly displays at the grocery store when someone is helping themselves to a few and there's the distinct smell of all the different jelly bean smells mixed together? That's more or less what this scent smells like. What's most prevalent is a lemony lime and apple aroma mixed with a sugary sweetness distinctive to jelly beans. On the bright side, it's not overpowering but...[Read More]

Casting Spells

HA! This is a truly fun smell for Halloween! Somehow Scentsy has managed to perfectly capture that magical scent that appears towards the end of October. The aroma of crisp green apples and sweet candy - not too sweet though, just the perfect amount! While this is absolutely a bewitching scent, it seems like a scent that might lose a bit of it's charm come November. Continue reading →

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