Love Story

Start with a gentle aroma of juicy strawberries, add the sensual smell of jasmine and top it off with just a hint of vanilla and that's what this story is all about! Scentsy's description includes dark chocolate but I haven't been able to smell any of that. If you want a very light, romantic scent, you'll love Love Story! Continue reading →

Happy Birthday

Happy Birthday makes your whole home smell like you just baked a cake! It's a warm buttery cake smell mixed with the sugary sweet aroma of fresh vanilla frosting. If you liked the fragrance Cutiepie Cupcake (now sadly discontinued), you will most likely enjoy this one. Cupcake had more of a lemony cakey smell, Happy Birthday has a more pronounced vanilla frosting smell. The best way to enjoy cake,...[Read More]

Satin Sheets

Satin Sheets is a scent that everyone seems to really like, but it's just ok to me. There's a deep sandalwood fragrance - a rich, woodsy, and slightly powdery aroma - that is softened by vanilla and rounded out with just a touch of chocolate. Definitely romantic - a good scent to put you in a lovey dovey mood! Continue reading →

Vanilla Bean Buttercream

Ooooohhhhhh wow. This scent should be illegal!!! Haha! Throughout my reviews, I talk about how much I SERIOUSLY DISLIKE fake vanilla/bakery smells. I can't stand them! I was a little worried because when I opened the package, this scent started to have that fake aroma to it and I was bummed. But then I warmed it up. And it smells like the real thing! Too much like the real thing, I think I might e...[Read More]

Sweet Pea & Vanilla

From the moment I dropped in the cube, I knew I was going to love this one! It has a very soft floral-y and faintly sweet, almost candy-like, smell that is absolutely delightful. If you like the Sweet Pea scent at Bath and Body Works, you are going to love this one! Continue reading →

Simply Vanilla

There's a few different kinds of vanilla smells in the world and I feel like they fall into a few different categories: real vanilla smell, artificial and overly sweet, artificial and boring, artificial and creamy. I'm sure there's a ton more descriptions for all of the different vanillas out there, but that's sort of how I see it. Anyways! I wish this one fell into the real vanilla smell or the a...[Read More]

Cinnamon Vanilla

Scent Power: 3 out of 4 - Nice and Strong || Classic vanilla mixed with cinnamon, and not much more! Scentsy lists coconut and cassia also being in there, but if they are, they are extremely subtle. Mostly it's just cinnamon and vanilla! I think if the vanilla wasn't as artificial smelling, I would like it better. Also, I'm not sure why they brought this back when you can just mix Simply Cinnamo...[Read More]

Black Raspberry Vanilla

Scent Power: 3 out of 4 - Nice and Strong || This one smells just like it's title says - succulent berries, softened by vanilla. It's one of those scents that everyone seems to like. I had it warming at a house party and everyone loved it! If you need a great one for gifts - this is one definite recommendation! UPDATE: This was the scent that my work picked - above any other scent - to have goin...[Read More]

Sparkling Black Plum

Another plum scent for all the plum lovers out there! Probably my favorite out of all the plum scents for 2016. This one is dark, rich fruit combined with an equally rich citrus scent and finished with the slightest hint of vanilla. Continue reading →

Coconut Vanilla Orchid

Normally you would think of having coconut smells during the Spring and Summer, but this Coconut is less of the tropical beach type and more of a creamy coconut milk. It's blended with dark blood orange and a hint of floral (do orchids even smell that much?). It's a subtly romantic scent, good for bedrooms and possibly bathrooms as well. Continue reading →

Cozy Chai

Scent Power: 3 out of 4 - Nice and Strong || Dreamy, creamy, slightly spiced and sweet! When I think of chai, I think of the Oregon Chai drink mix that I used when I was a barista. While Cozy Chai isn't quite as spiced as I imagined, the scent is absolutely amazing! It's the perfect blend of warm cinnamon, creamy vanilla, a hint of toasted pecan and a drizzle of caramel. Yum! Continue reading &r...[Read More]

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